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Religious Spots in Hospet

Hospet is a major historical and temple city of the southern India, it is home to many religious spots of different religious backgrounds. A big reason why a lot of tourists visit this place to relive the magic of yesteryear.

Famous Religious Spots in the city of Hospet

Harihar is a popular temple attraction situated on the banks of Tungabhadra River. The temple here built in Hoysala style of architecture, is the main attraction. Vithala temple, a World Heritage Site, is located 2km from Hampi Bazaar. This temple was built in the 16th century and displays the  splendid architecture of the Vijaynagar era. The walls of this temple contain beautiful carvings and the well-balanced columns in it have musical qualities. Raghunath temple located on a hill is known for its Dravidian style and the excellent sunset view from the rock above. The 15th century Virupaksha temple is one of the oldest monuments in the town and is also part of the Hampi Bazaar area. The following are some of the famous religious spots in Hospet:

Church of the Holy Cross of Hospet was formerly called Bidrem Church. The name Hospet was added to it after the death of Tippu Sultan (1799). This church is the first of its kind to be built in Cruciform and to have gothic style. The old church was repaired by Father Jerome Paul Carvalho in the year 1865. This church was established in 1761 but it is said to have existed even before the 17th century. According to history, Hospet was under the rule of Jain kings for many centuries. Jain literature is proof for this church's existence even before 1648. During the tragic demolition of churches by Tippu Sultan, this was the only church that escaped destruction because of the friendly Chauta Raja of Moodbidri.

Hospet Church of the Holy Cross

Virupaksha Temple, a World Heritage Site listed by the UNESCO, is the oldest shrine at Hampi. Historical research has revealed several 8th and 9th century carvings in the temple. Therefore, this temple is said to have been built in the 7th century. During the Chalukyan and Hoysala period, there were many enhancements to the temple. This significant historic structure was built in an elevated way of fifty metres from the ground. Another famous feature of the temple are the fifty-six musical pillars that produce sound when struck. Tourists also flock to this temple for the annual festival held here. This temple began to be built in 1513 but was destroyed in 1565 before its completion.

Virupaksha Temple in Hospet

Raghunath Temple is a major tourist location, mainly due to its historic significance. The most noticeable and famous components of the temple are the whitewashed pillars at the middle of the temple. There is also a well-built colonnade just before the compound.

Hazara Rama Temple, a famous sight-seeing spot in Hampi, was the private worship area of the royal family. That is why this temple was initially called Hajana Rama, meaning the palace temple. The temple contained beautiful carvings from the epic Ramayana in the ancient days and they are present there till today.

Vithala Temple's architecture is magnificent and the stone chariot is carved out beautifully. The stone chariot is built in an amazing way and has exquisite stone carvings on many of its pillars. The total area is very huge and so a lot of time is required for sight-seeing. The actual temple is about one kilometer away from the entrance gate. You can choose from two options to reach the temple complex. The first option is by walk and the second option is by availing battery charged golf carts charging Rs.10 for one.

Vithala Temple in Hospet

Hemakuta Hill Temple is a series of small temples, now in ruins. Tourists can access this place through the Virupaksha temple and the Sasvekalu Ganesha temple. The temples' gopurams are built with unique and gorgeous architecture. The area is a gentle slope and there are steps present only in a few places.

Harihar town is a tourist attraction famous for the temple there built in the year 1223. The architecture of the temple is in Hoysala style. This popular Harihar town is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. Apart from the temple, another main attraction of the town is an archaeological museum.

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