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Things to do in Hospet

You have plenty of interesting things to do in this famous city of Hospet. Moreover, the transport facilities here make it easier for you to get around the city and have fun. The bus stand has regular buses to Hampi from Bay 10 every half-hour (Rs.10, 30 minutes). There are two overnight buses heading to Panaji (Rs.215, 11 hours) through Margao and Express buses to Bengaluru (ordinary/deluxe for Rs.320/400, nine hours). There are also regular buses to Bijapur (Rs.130, six hours) and Hyderabad (Rs.340, 10 hours). You can reach Hospet’s railway station by a Rs.15 auto­rickshaw ride from town. A 6.30am express train starts to Vasco da Gama (sleeper/2AC Rs.178/643, 8½ hours) every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. There is a daily Hampi Express to Hubli at 7.50am (2nd class, Rs.43, 3½ hours) and to Bengaluru at 7.50pm (sleeper/2AC Rs.193/738, 10 hours). Do not miss Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan's Indian vegeterian delicacies and delicious thalis for just Rs.45. This hygienic spot is just opposite the bus stand.

Sight-seeing in Hospet

There is a lot of sight-seeing to do in Hospet. These great sight-seeing places include historical spots as well as religious spots. Some of the best places to visit in Hospet are Underground Temple, Queen’s Bath, Archaeological Museum, Virupaksha Temple, Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary, and so on. The Underground Temple is believed to be the oldest temple in Hampi and was built many meters below the ground level for some unknown causes.

There is a water canal built around the main temple. However, this canal is dry and so people can walk to the maximum accessible point. The opening hours for this temple are 8.30am to 5.30pm. The Queen’s Bath is a beautiful historical structure which looks plain on the outside but is wonderfully built within. This ancient bath contains an amazing gallery, verandas and beautiful overhanging Rajasthani balconies. The bath contains steps leading to the water body for bathing, so it is also known as the Stepped Bath. The opening hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm.

The Archaeological Museum is the first museum established in Hampi by the Archaeological Survey of India. This famous museum has four galleries and it encloses a model of the Hampi valley surrounded by a corridor. The first gallery of the museum displays different sculptures of the Saiva sect. The second gallery displays antiquities like brass plates, copper plate grants, arms and armoury, and religious metal objects. There are also many denominations of gold and copper coins of the Vijayanagar dynasty present here.

The Virupaksha temple is part of the group of monuments at Hampi and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most beautiful of all structures in the temple is the central pillared hall believed to be Krishnadevaraya's addition to this temple. The very lively chariot festival is celebrated here every February. The opening hours of the temple are from dawn to dusk. The Elephant Stables is another famous tourist destination. It is an exquisite building with domed chambers and it is said that this was where eleven state elephants once resided. There are 11 domed tall chambers with some being inter-connected. The opening hours are 08:30pm to 17:30pm. A famous wildlife spotting area worth visiting is the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary. This shelter for many free ranging sloth bears is located near Kamlapur which is just 12 km from Hospet.

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is popular for 'bear watching' which can be done from the watchtower on top of a hillock. The sanctuary also serves as a home for several wild animals. Bird spotting is also extremely famous here and we can spot species like and yellow throated bulbuls and painted spur fowl. The opening hours of this sanctuary are 9.30am to 6pm. July to March is the best time for sighting wildlife. Sloth bears can be sighted at all times of the year including oppressing hot summer months.

Best Places To Eat Out in Hospet

Food is another one of the best things to do in Hospet. Hospet specilizes in local food as well as multi-cuisine delicacies. There are many famous good quality restaurants worth giving a try.

If you look for good vegetarian restaurants, check out the following:
  • Amruth Refreshments
  • Shanbagh Hotel
  • Shanthi Hotel

If you look for good non-vegetarian restaurants, check out the following:
  • Hotel Mayura
  • Hotel Nagarjuna Restaurant & Bar
  • Hotel Vaishali

The following are some other famous restaurants in and around Hospet:

Mango Tree Restaurant Rural-themed vegeterian eat-out spot. The Mango Tree restaurant, named after a huge mango tree in the middle of the restaurant, is very famous here. The terraced and laid-back setting is perfect for a relaxation spot. To make it more special, the ambience inside the restaurant is different during the day and different at night. In the night, the ambience is dim since the electric lights are removed, leaving only a few bulbs here and there. To add to the beauty of the environment, the gushing sound of the river and the screeching sound of crickets are heard beneath.

At night, the tables are only provided with lanterns. The traditional Indian feel of the environment is enhanced by the matted floor seating, where the people sit cross-legged, with the low table in front. The menu includes typical Indian vegetarian delicacies, though there are also egg based dishes available. This restaurant full of creativity and food excellence is famous for its special vegetable curry (Rs.100), banana fritters (Rs.60) or the spaghetti with cashew nuts and cheese (Rs.100). We can't say that the prices are the lowest in Hampi’s standards, but they are okay. The meals range from Rs.80 to Rs.150. The opening hours of the restaurant are 7.30am to 9.30pm.

Durga Huts A popular restaurant in Hampi with good food and awesome music. Famous music fusion tracks are on airplay here along with a few guitars and drums kept for jam sessions. The prices for the main meals range from Rs.70 to Rs.90.

New Shanthi Restaurant A hippie style restaurant in Hampi filled with trance music and acid-blue lights. The popular cuisines here are Mexican, Italian and Indian, and the popular side items are cookies and crumbles. There is also a wide range of teas (herbal, jasmine and lemongrass) available. The prices for the main dishes range from Rs.90 to Rs.140.

Drama and Theatre in Hospet

Nataraja Kala Mandira in Kampli, Bellary, Hospet Taluk has a huge drama theatre where many plays and dramas are performed. This famous drama theatre has the capacity to seat 200 people.

Thus, these are some of the best things to do and some of the best places to visit in Hospet. Hospet is thus a very delightful tourist destination!

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